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Saturday, May 28, 2005

I am the champion!

I still managed to get in my required 3pp./day yesterday, despite starting ridiculously late and my aunt's arriving earlier than expected last night. Hooray!

But no thanks to my computer, which seems to be finally dying, permanently, as it's been threatening to do for a long while. I'm hoping to put off buying a new one until August, as I have no $$ for a replacement (see post on that same subject, below), but we'll see. At the moment I'm typing on an old model belonging to George Washington Boyfriend. Nickname to be explained in a future post.

Last night before starting writing I had a serious jones for McDonald's, which I felt I could reasonably indulge. (It's been a long time, and sometimes you just need the fries, and no, I haven't seen Supersize Me. And I don't want to. Don't write.) So I set out to walk the six blocks there, on a lovely summery evening. And EVERYONE was out, here in Historically Black Neighborhood (HBN), with a local beauty parlor blasting Michael Jackson's "Thriller" album into the streets, and I was thinking, hey! What a great evening! But you know, there were a LOT of people out, just standing around, and I noticed some serious emergency vehicles & lights up ahead near where I was going, and thought "great, a fire." When I got up there it was just cops standing around joking with the locals, and some ambulances and a bunch of police vans and cars. No mood of urgency, but the whole damn block was blocked off. Apparently, there was a shoot-out between some guy(s?), and maybe the police, with at least one dead. At least that was the buzz on the street; I couldn't confirm it on the web. As a guy said as I was walking past, "Welcome to HBN!"

Am I a bad person because my second thought was, "hey--maybe it will keep my rent down"?

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