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Monday, July 11, 2005


Eww eww EWWWW.

I just killed a very large cockroach right near my desk. Where I was sitting and writing until the moment I heard a rustling noise and jumped out of my seat.

What really infuriates me is the fact that CLEARLY someone in my building is harboring these fuckers--this is the sixth one I've seen in the past two months. (So no, it's not an infestation . . . but in the entire first 22 months I lived here--nearly two years--I saw only five or six total.)

And yes, I have poison bait laid out, and yes, I spray, and yes, I keep absolutely all my foodstuffs in airtight containers and/or the refrigerator (along with my dissertation, nail polish, etc.).

I know there's really nothing else I can do, but it just grosses me out beyond belief. And the bastards messed with my writing flow, too! I was so on a roll!

Grody grody grody.

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Anonymous Anonymous commented at 4:50 PM~  

The best way to get rid of cockroaches is as follows:
Get a jar and rub vaseline around the top of the inside. Shove some food in the bottom and they'll go for that. Once in, they can't get back out cos of the vaseline.
My friend once had this problem. I would have killed the little tossers! :-)

Blogger Stewgad commented at 12:17 PM~  

You keep your dissertation in the refrigerator? Is it because you want it to the the coolest ever, or is it fear of fire?

(I only ask because I too have strange dissertation related paranoias.)

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