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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Lunchtime links

On a short lunch break just now, so here are two quick links:

The first, from Inside Higher Ed., is about the latest developments between NYU and its newly-unrecognized grad student union. Money quote:

Sexton [NYU's prez] noted that there is an interim grievance procedure and a compact of rights and responsibilities. “The heart of the matter is…are they students or are they workers,” he said, to cries of “Both! Both!” from the audience. Later on, after one graduate student invited Sexton to a Sunday evening on his couch amid Chinese food containers and stacks of blue books, Sexton reflected on his own position as a professor in the law school. “After my exam, I have 150 blue books to grade. As a tenured member of the law school, do I consider myself a worker? No.” The crowd erupted in one of the loudest roars of the day.

Yeah. So . . . what exactly is it that you do, as a teacher? Charity?

Word on the street is that INRU's prez (otherwise known as "that punk-ass petty bureaucrat") was leaning very very hard on Sexton to unrecognize the union.

And now here's a follow-up article about the Vatican's apparent desire to distance itself from evolution. That papal silence speaks volumes, no?


While the Vatican may be silent on some issues, I'm glad to see that they're on top of the ones that really matter. Like the evils of Harry Potter (via Andrew Sullivan).

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