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Monday, October 24, 2005

In 20 hours. . .

I'll be in European City!

Provided, of course, my plane does not go down in a firey explosion before then.

As for what shape I'll be in when I get there, that's debateable. Had a great weekend with George Washington Boyfriend, the highlight of which was seeing my friend Jonesy's latest play. She's been working steadily as an actor since we graduated from college (though supporting herself with a day job) and has assembled some really good reviews in major publications, but this is the biggest production she's been in yet, and it was fabulous--as was hanging out with her and the other female lead over drinks afterwards. I hope this production portends good things for her career.

Unfortunately, all this good-timing (and my rather inefficient use of the rest of my time) meant that I was up until nearly 2 a.m. last night writing a midterm for my survey students, which a colleague will be administering on Wednesday; figuring out workshop details for my comp students; praticing my talk; and packing. So here I am, on four hours of sleep, uncertain whether I'll get even that much tonight on the plane, with my stupid suitcase which I have to lug BACK to Major Eastern City and to the airport for my 9.30 p.m. flight.

Oh well. The conference opens Wednesday afternoon, and I'm the only real speaker that day. Although this arrangement has a possible downside--the fact that not everyone may have arrived by then--its benefits are obvious: by 4 p.m. Wednesday, I can cut loose and enjoy the rest of the trip!

Not sure what internet access (or the social scene) will be like, so I may be blogging or I may not. Until soon~~

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Anonymous Anonymous commented at 11:53 AM~  

kick some keynote ass, lecturess! We'll be thinking of you.


Blogger G-Fav commented at 12:56 PM~  

Good luck, have fun, and bring a lot of business cards!

(Or cuneiform tablets or something.)


Blogger jo(e) commented at 6:26 PM~  

Oh, yeah, presenting early so you can enjoy the rest of the conference is the way to go. Have a great time!

Blogger Professor B commented at 6:50 PM~  

Yes, enjoy! I leave Friday for Über-Boring Domestic Conference City. :-)

Anonymous Anonymous commented at 11:38 PM~  

Knock 'em dead, kiddo.

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