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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Things that enrage, vex, or otherwise irritate me (a partial listing)

1. This article from last week's New Yorker. I'm so infuriated that I can't do more than link to it.

2. The fact that when I borded my train this morning there was a large, bulky duffel bag sitting in the overhead rack with absolutely no one anywhere near it. When I snagged the conductor and asked her if she knew whom it belonged to, she gestured vaguely toward some passengers many rows away--who had in fact borded the train AFTER me--and said, oh, it probably belonged to one of them. And then she wandered off. Ooh, way to instill me with confidence in our rail security! (I got up and moved to the extreme end of the car.)

3. The loud and minimally talented female musician in the apartment below mine caterwauling at this very moment.

4. Blogger's refusal to load some lovely photos that I took yesterday of the sun streaming in through my windows.

5. The dangerous state of my liquor cabinet. I have nearly three liters of Bombay Sapphire, but I've suddenly run out of all of the following: dry vermouth, lime juice, and tonic. I'm also clean out of both scotch and vodka. I may be forced to concoct a drink out of some combination of these unappetizing elements: sweet vermouth, pear brandy, creme de menthe, Khalua, Cointreau.

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Blogger luckybuzz commented at 12:59 AM~  

I'm curious about what kind of drink you concocted...I'm thinking maybe the Sapphire, brandy, and cointreau? Or kahlua, creme de menthe, and...pear brandy? (It might taste like dessert...) Way back in the day, GB and used to concoct drinks out of whatever we had...hope you came up with something drinkable. :)

Blogger lucyrain commented at 7:29 AM~  

That article. Infuriating, indeed. No words either.

Blogger ceresina commented at 9:39 AM~  

I got so mad at that article I couldn't read it the first time around.
Your train system sounds the same as my husband's: utter disregard for "passenger safety" rules by the conductors.

Blogger sp commented at 12:42 PM~  

Article: didn't finish it yet either. Like everyone else I got too angry...

Photos: sometimes I have found that if I reduce the image size (using "save for web" in photoshop) then Blogger will let me upload a particlar photo. There is supposed to be no limit to the size of one photo, but that has not proved to be true in practice - and I'm just uploading little drawings! I checked and all mine were under 200KB. Maybe this will help?

Anonymous Anonymous commented at 1:03 AM~  

Granted it's a ways off, but you'll have to stock up when you come out here. The whole state of California is like one big duty-free store.

Blogger Ancrene Wiseass commented at 12:24 PM~  

I'm going to have to finish reading it later, but that article is definitely infuriating.

We need to figure out what to do about this.

Blogger Yr. Hmbl. & Obdt. commented at 4:39 PM~  

Please, La L.--are you actively *trying* to make me choke on my own bile? Trust me, I'm more than capable of doing that all on my own. I fail to understand the difficulty with this--when politics and science collide, it's quite simple--whichever one saves lives, that's the side you go with. So "Make and use the Bomb?"--you go with politics. "Exchange needles?"--you go with science. "Innoculate against FREAKING CANCER???"--ooo, let's think about this one...Gack--ark--nope, gotta quit--choking on the bile again...

Blogger Sfrajett commented at 3:02 AM~  

Throw that gin around in a shaker with some ice and drink it straight from a martini glass. The classic recipe for a really really dry martini means you only wave the vermouth bottle over the gin in a kind of benediction anyway. Cheers!

Blogger Oso Raro commented at 11:13 AM~  

As we descend into half-hearted fascism, crypto-theocracy, and clownish caudillismo American-style, a well-stocked liquor cabinet is a MUST, doll. I say, let's all have a packy store run! Shopping list: Vodka, Ice, Vodka, Ice, Vodka, Ice, Vodka, Ice. Mixers? Nah, we need to get blotto but QUICK! Oh, and yeah, a quick stop Chez Duane Reade for some Motrin. Because, honey, we are gonna NEED it, when we wake up from the "Good Times" we are living through (some of us clearly already feel the migraine coming on: "I get it HERE!!").

Blogger The Humanity Critic commented at 4:56 PM~  

Yeah, that article pisses me off as well.

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