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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Après le déluge. . . we shop!

After a manic 48 hours of grading, I finally finished up around noon today and ran down to FedEx to send in the course grades for my last two classes (they're due by 10 a.m. tomorrow, and I was damned if I was going to make the trip to deliver them in person). Then I spent the next few hours wandering slowly back in the direction of home, ducking into nearly every enticing shop along the way.

Like Ragey, I believe in rewarding myself for tasks accomplished. Unlike Ragey, I don't tend to plan ahead, and so these treats are not necessarily in the budget even if they're relatively inconsequential. And it must be said that I tend to believe that I deserve such treats rather often.

Here's how I spent my money today:
  • Designer sunglasses (purchased at a discount department store, thus a mere $19.99)
  • Lingerie (purchased at the same location, thus 50% off retail)
  • A huge vintage cocktail ring--sterling silver, nearly an inch in diameter, and with a big blue topaz in the center.
  • A bottle of Campari. Because as much as I love the gin and as much as I love the whiskey, summer just isn't summer without Campari.
So as that list may suggest, I've decided to give in and just go ahead and declare the rest of May a holiday. I have a few scholarly books that I plan on reading, and I'll probably work on updating my syllabi and transferring my (handwritten) lesson plans from this past year to computer files--but if I don't, I don't, and I'm not even going to pretend to do any research until June 1.

What will I be doing instead? Well, I'm hoping that this past week--minus that whole grading interlude--will provide a template: in addition to the poker party and the housewarming party previously mentioned, I've also done some more afternoon drinking with Bert (a five-hour stretch at that same bar, which included several impromptu dance breaks on the bar itself); I've had a lovely dinner with an old college friend who lives in the metropolis that surrounds Big Urban; and then this weekend several of us are trekking out to the Ch√Ęteau Fergusberg for one last bash before they sell the place and move north. Oh, and I also have a ton of cleaning to do.

Laissez les bons temps roulez!

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Blogger Dr. Lisa commented at 10:19 PM~  

What a wonderful way to celebrate!!!

Blogger Tiruncula commented at 11:10 PM~  

Yay for shopping and a holiday in May!

Anonymous What Now? commented at 11:54 PM~  

Yee haw! What a lovely way to celebrate. Sadly, I am still in the midst of the deluge, so no real celebrating for a couple of days yet.

Anonymous hk commented at 12:26 AM~  

Congrats! And yay -- May = play! You better put some space in your schedule for hk! (who has con law tomor--- nope, today!)

Blogger RageyOne commented at 8:59 AM~  

Wonderful! Yea for shopping! It doesn't have to be planned - those immpromptu finds are sometimes the best ones!

Let those good times roll through the rest of the month and on into summer!

Anonymous Anonymous commented at 4:45 PM~  

Please wear the ring and sunglasses tomorrow so I can see them!

-- marielle

Blogger Oso Raro commented at 10:40 PM~  

Ah, shopping therapy! Is there anything more fabulous, more soothing, more satisfying (except for maybe a delicious meal in Geneva, followed by a sinful dessert)?

Mr. Gordo was here for the weekend, and after dropping him off at the airport (and then getting a few back and forth phone calls about a possible bump, i.e. an extra night in Cold City, which alas didn't work out), I really wanted to work out some of my post-partum depression in a mini-binge, but alas everything in Cold City except supermarkets and drug stores closes at 7 on Sunday, so I was desperately bereft. I settled for a tin of Illy espresso and three 1.5 litre bottles of Evian, but really, at a moment like this, a girl needs a Clarins counter!

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