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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

ABC meme

Okay, okay! Jumping on the bandwagon, here, albeit belatedly.

Accent: I don't really have one, although the regionalisms I've picked up in the last 13 years and the fact that I speak very fast would probably peg me as an East Coaster. (I've also been told, on a couple of occasions, that I have unusual enunciation and delivery patterns--but I have no idea what these people are talking about.)

Booze: My favorite cocktail is the Sidecar, followed closely by the Gimlet and the Martini. My preferred liquors are gin (Bombay Sapphire or Tanqueray) or Scotch or Irish whiskey (Dewar's or Jameson's).

Chore I Hate: Cleaning the shower/bathtub.

Dog or Cat: Cats, although I don't have one and I'm allergic.

Essential Electronics: Laptop and cell phone.

Favorite Cologne(s): Chanel, Coco or Allure.

Gold or Silver: I usually wear silver, but I think gold actually looks better on me.

Hometown: Northwest City.

Insomnia: Generally I go to bed late enough (and during the academic term I'm sleep-deprived enough) that I fall asleep immediately.

Job Title: Currently a lecturer, soon to be assistant professor.

Kids: I can barely take care of myself.

Living arrangements: Studio apartment.

Most admirable trait: I think I'm very good at seeing things from other people's perspectives and devining motives and intent. In general, I'm a good reader of character.

Number of sexual partners: Enough.

Overnight hospital stays: Not since I was born.

Phobias: When I get home, I tend to check all the closets and large cupboards for axe-murderers.

Quote: "Not a shred of evidence exists that life is serious, though it is often hard and even terrible. And saying that, I am prepared to add what follows from it: that since everything ends badly for us, in the inescapable catastrophe of death, it seems obvious that the first rule of life is to have a good time." Brendan Gill, Here at The New Yorker.

Religion: Practicing (albeit liberal/progressive) Catholic.

Siblings: One younger brother.

Time I wake up: I consider anything before 7 a.m. to be the absolute middle of the night (even though this year I've been getting up at 5 or 6 on the days I teach). On the days I'm not teaching, I usually get up between 9.30 and 11.

Unusual talent or skill: I can write backwards rapidly (or upside-down, slightly less rapidly).

Vegetable I refuse to eat: I don't like asparagus, but I'll eat it.

Worst habit: I get cross easily and I'm impatient. And no, I don't think this cancels out item "M," above. You got a problem with that?

X-rays: Foot/ankle. And teeth, of course.

Yummy foods I make: I don't cook much, but I make some mean devilled eggs.

Zodiac sign: I'm precisely on the cusp between Aquarius and Pisces, but I self-identify as an Aquarius.

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Anonymous Anonymous commented at 10:47 PM~  

Booze: Bring money when you come for my graduation, 1.75L of Bombay Sapphire is $31, 1.75L of Dewar's White Label is $27. I'm also hoping we can talk the clan into going wine tasting in Napa.

Kids: I'm not sure whether "barely take care of myself" refers to financially, generally, or both :)

Yummy foods I make: I concur, the devilled eggs are quite mean.


Blogger Tiruncula commented at 10:54 PM~  

I adore devilled eggs. Would you be willing to share your secrets?

Blogger luckybuzz commented at 9:40 AM~  

I check closets for axe-murderers too. And behind the shower curtain. And I share your opinion of so-called "mornings".

Blogger La Lecturess commented at 10:21 AM~  

T: I'll MAKE you some devilled eggs whenever I finally come visit you!

(But in the meanwhile, I'm not sure if it's a "secret," but I use a heavy hand with the mustard and I always use a dijion. Yum.)

Blogger medieval woman commented at 3:17 PM~  

I feel like a complete yutz! I *never* recognized that this was an ABC list! Dear lord...the x-rays entry makes much more sense now!

Blogger Tiruncula commented at 7:59 PM~  

It's a deal!

Most things are better with dijon.

Blogger Bardiac commented at 9:51 PM~  

Mmmm, deviled eggs! Bring me some, too!

Blogger OCPD commented at 6:38 AM~  

This is pretty geeky, but....

Rosina Lippi-Green's “The myth of non-accent” (1997) is worth a read. (It is in R. Lippi-Green, English with an Accent: Language, Ideology, and Discrimination in the United States. New York: Routledge, 41-52)

I didn't think that I had an accent either. Then I went to uni and found out just how Northern I really do sound!

Blogger Dr. Lisa commented at 10:08 PM~  

oooooo devilled eggies,

Blogger dr. m(mmm) aka The Notorious P.H.D. commented at 1:03 AM~  

deviled eggs! My favorite cocktail is the Negroni.

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