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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Deals of the day

Even in the absence of SRJ, one good thing did arive in the mail yesterday: the pair of vintage Ferragamo flats I bought on eBay ($10.85, including shipping).

They're funky two-tone jobbies in pearlescent taupe and chocolate brown, kinda deco-ish and 80s at the same time; totally fab. And worth every one of those 1085 cents. I wore them to the office today to break them in, and then out to meet D for drinks (she, of course, had on much cooler shoes than I).

And at the bar the deals kept coming: $4 happy hour margaritas, and we're talking some strong mofos--two had me on my ass, but of course I went and had a third. Resulting in unglamorous hiccups. And a very uncomfortable trip home.

But hell: it's summer! And after all the water I drank to vanquish those hiccups, I'm rarin' to return to my chapter.

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