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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Grinding through

Really not a whole lot going on here in Quaint Smallish City, where our days tend to fall into a predictable pattern: start the day very late (this is actually my own pattern at home when school isn't in--if I start writing before 3 p.m. it's a rare day), write/research/revise for a few hours, break for dinner, work some more, and then watch movies for a couple of hours. Preferrably with a couple of glasses of Jameson's.

I've also been playing around a bunch with my new computer, which seems to be stealing wireless from a neighbor. Since GWBoyfriend and I both still have dial-up, this is pretty sweet. I have to say, though, that although I'm happy to have a new computer I don't have quite the same feeling of excitement as when I first got my old laptop five years ago; it's really just a piece of necessary equipment now, not a new toy. Still, hopefully it will be a piece of necessary equipment that ACTUALLY FUCKING WORKS, unlike that miserable piece of shit I was using before.

Anyway, I made my way through the article correx and am in the process of typing out a list of changes and questions for the editor. I'm feeling pretty great about this essay again, though I also have that feeling I often get when I come back to something that I wrote a long time ago and that now seems to have an existence apart from me--it's that, "Damn! I wrote THAT?" feeling, where it's hard to imagine how you ever wrote anything that smart and confident-sounding, and where it's even harder to imagine doing something like it again.

But on the whole, my current chapter work is going okay. I'm in the first round of revisions now, trying to get through five or six pages a day . . . and trying above all to remember that this final chapter doesn't have to be ground-breaking: it just has to be there.

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