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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Where? Where? WHERE?

WHERE is my copy of Smaller Respectable Journal? And my offprints? Wherewherewhere?

10 days ago I received an email from the editorial assistant at SRJ, publisher of my very firstest article, saying the issue was out, asking for my mailing address, and claiming to be dropping them promptly in the mail. And I still haven't received it.

I know I'm a little overeager, but seriously: this issue was expected to come out in the winter. Then the spring. And in fact, it's already years behind the date that will be imprinted on the spine (the journal is an annual, but the editorial staff has gotten seriously backlogged).

Grr. I'm way less excited about this article than about my other one--but still! My name in print! For a readership of like eight whole people! Let's get a move on, already.

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Blogger Professor B commented at 4:05 PM~  

Congrats! :-) I remember my first article in print...maybe 10 or so people read that one. Even cooler is when someone actually *cites* your work.

Blogger academic coach commented at 10:36 PM~  


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