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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Do NOT sing, cuckou

Ugh. Hot and oppressive again today. Just about the only good thing about this weather is seeing the complete wardrobe revolution going on in the streets: no more coats and sweaters, those fall and winter clothes pressed back into service through a cold, wet spring, but women everywhere suddenly in cute cute clothes: sundresses, tank tops, skirts, shades. Hats, sometimes. It's a pity men don't have equally stylish and practical warm-weather options--I've seen some banker-types rocking the light-colored suits with darker shirts and ties beneath, but really? SUITS. MY GOD. I can't bear to go out even in short sleeves in weather like this.

So, in fact, I did not go out today. I stayed in with two fans blowing on me and finished up this rougher-than-rough draft of my final diss chapter. I wasted a lot of time on the internet. And I read bits and pieces of a couple of books, one on turning a dissertation into a book (given to me yesterday by the publishing director of my group--and yeah, a little fucking early, I know), and the other a recent scholarly work in my field.

I was a little worried about the latter--it's the first book-length study of one of my authors in 35 years, and it's written by a women with whom I'm sharing a stage at a conference next fall. I've got a lot of emotional energy invested in this particular author, my chapter on whom is probably the strongest part of my dissertation. (I also have grandiose plans of single-handedly rescuing him from mediocre, sentimentalizing scholarship with my next book-length study, but that's just the hubris talking.) Luckily, the book looks to be just what I want it to be: a nice, well-put together study, published by a biggie press, that will hopefully increase interest in Author--but one which ultimately overlooks almost everything I'm interested in. If I were being mean, I'd add that what it does focus on is itself only passingly interesting, and that its author has a hugely annoying, patronizing and belletristic tone--but of course, I'm not being mean. Couldn't be if I tried.

Anyway, must go call George Washington Boyfriend . . . whom I'm seeing tomorrow! In less than 24 hours! And who has airconditioning built right into his apartment! (Damn, now that's a gooood boyfriend.)

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