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Friday, June 10, 2005

Change in venue

So here I am sitting in the lovely home of the lovely GWBoyfriend. (I'm only just now realizing how inconvenient that pseudonym is--I can't refer to him as GWB since there's SOMEONE ELSE out there with those initials who I really don't want to be mistaken for speaking lovingly about.) Yesterday was a long day at the office followed by a long train ride--long mainly because the train left 30 minutes late, then sat in another station for 10 minutes, and proceeded very slowly along another stretch of track. And the Eastern Corridor is supposed to be the best part of the rail system?

But I got in eventually and we grabbed some fine cheeseburgers from a local outfit on our way home and then sat around watching basketball while I attempted to un-cramp every one of the muscles that had clenched up throughout the day. Concluded with Ocean's Eleven, which I'd seen before but was happy to see again--nothing like a caper movie, unless it's a caper movie featuring dashingly well-dressed men.

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