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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Assorted good things

  • Handed off a copy of the complete dissertation to Advisor today
  • Received an email from said Advisor (she of the insane productivity, the 16 independently-authored books, etc.), in which she wrote, "I am full of admiration at your organization." (!!)
  • MLA Job List is now up, and it looks to be another good year in my field. Several of those jobs are even reasonably close to GWBoyfriend.
  • Had a very nice meeting today with Robo-Job Officer. He's still a bit too intense for my tastes, but since he praised my materials, how much can I really dislike him?
  • Next term I'm teaching only TTh at Big Urban, thus seriously reducing the number of hours I spend on the train every week--and giving me a nice long weekend every weekend.
  • I'll also be teaching two courses I'm really psyched about: one on Super Huge Famous Author (in my field, and pretty much the bread-and-butter of my field, but since I don't actually work on him having a proven teaching record is key), and one on Pretty Darn Famous Author, whom I do work on and love to pieces.
  • Emailed the editor of Big Journal in My Field to get the page span for my forthcoming article (for my C.V.) and was very pleased to find out that it'll be nearly 40 pages. And that it's coming out in 2.5 months!
  • I caught the mouse that's been running around my apartment the last three nights. d-Con traps are the best: they seal up tight and you never have to see the beastie.
  • It looks like I'll be able to get a not-absurdly-expensive fare to European City for a conference next month--and with United, where I have an active mileage program; this trip should put me over the top for a free ticket.

Of course, it's not all such sweetness and light, and the fab teaching schedule next semester unfortunately also involves four courses (the other two are two sections of the survey I'm currently teaching), and thus a painfully long Tuesday and Thursday and an insane amount of grading and prep work--but I'm preferrring to focus on the positive for once in my life.

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Anonymous Anonymous commented at 8:48 AM~  

Check you out...
Really, once again well done on finishing your diss! Glad everything's falling into place. Dying to know which authors you're doing (know you can't say, obviously, but still...)

Anonymous Anonymous commented at 2:09 PM~  

Congrats, that's awesome! Sounds like quite a good couple of days, everything seems to be falling in place nicely. The tuesday/thursday schedule will be awesome.

P.S., check out my photos when you get a chance -- cleaned up the car and got some almost-professional looking shots!


Blogger What Now? commented at 7:03 PM~  

Hurrah for all that good news! Congratulations on the end of the dissertation being in sight. No wonder you're feeling pretty good about life.

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