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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Holy shit.

People, I don't know how to say this, but . . . I think I might be done. With, uh, that whole dissertation thing.

I don't know how this happened. Yesterday (Friday) I was sweating over a crappy draft of my introduction on the train home from Big Urban. I got through about two paragraphs before saying the hell with it. Went out for dinner and then to see The Aristocrats with my actor friend Jonesy. (Vile, the film, but hilarious. I think I may be in love with Sarah Silverman.)

This evening I had tentative plans with two different friends, but both fell through, so I kept working off and on for most of the day. And then, quite suddenly, the intro started to look okay. And then after dinner I sat down and wrote a completely new abstract. Just . . . sat down. I tinkered with the end of the final chapter, typed up a title and copyright page, and futzed with the acknowledgements. Then I came back to the introduction, rewrote the last couple of pages, and. . . well, like I say, I think I'm done except for renumbering my pages and footnotes.

It's weird. I don't really feel any different. Maybe it will hit me once I get a physical copy (or four) out of my life? It's going to Advisor on Thursday, and will go to the graduate school at the end of the month; Advisor might conceivably suggest changes between now and then, but I doubt it (when I emailed her last week she said that she'd be happy to claim to have seen it in final form, since she knew I "wouldn't embarrass" her--that might have been a vote of confidence, but I think it's really her way of saying she is SO OVER this project).

We don't have a formal defense at INRU; after your advisor approves it, you submit the thing, several faculty members read it, they present the project and their recommendations to the rest of the English faculty, and they vote up or down to approve.

So, once it's in, it's in. Damn.

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Blogger The Baxter commented at 1:48 AM~  

time for a drink!

Anonymous hk commented at 2:37 AM~  

Dang, lady. Congrats! You know who loves ya.

Anonymous Anonymous commented at 3:29 AM~  

Awesome! Congrats! I wish I was there to have a drink with you. You'll have to check out my latest purchase sometime... Today was a good day for me as well!


Blogger What Now? commented at 8:21 AM~  

Hurrah! What wonderful news. So this could be completely off your hands in the next couple of weeks; then there's the waiting, of course, which is a little nerve-wracking, and then the official filing itself, which was kind of a pain at my school (but only a day's worth of pain--not bad)...and then you're a free woman! Goodness, can you even picture what your life will look like when there's nothing hanging over your head (or around your neck--pick your favorite metaphor of burden or threat)?


Blogger RageyOne commented at 9:09 AM~  


Anonymous Anonymous commented at 4:08 PM~  

Well done babe!!! Good luck with it, really hope you do very well out of it. Well done!

Blogger Phantom Scribbler commented at 8:51 PM~  


Blogger academic coach commented at 11:20 PM~  

Yipeeeeee! Hope it sinks in soon...

Hey, I saw Aristocrats yesterday -- and I see about 2 movies a year.

Blogger phd me commented at 10:35 PM~  

Wow! Congrats - and now, time to pick your celebratory liquid!

Blogger BrightStar commented at 11:30 PM~  

this is too cool! I remember that's how it felt -- NotDone, NotDone, NotDone, NotDone... until... all of a sudden... it sneaks up on you: DONE! YAY for you!!!

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