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Saturday, September 17, 2005


One of the things I hate about the travel industry is the way that airfares can change from one day to the next. However, being my father's daughter, I'm a fairly patient comparison shopper.

I'd been looking for a ticket to European City for a conference at the end of October, and prices were hovering between $600-$800--but I have real restrictions on my departure time that were making tickets in the cheaper range hard to find. A few days ago I'd finally come up with a fare around $650, through United (my preferred airline), that seemed like my best bet. . . but when I checked back last night, the fare had gone up by some $100.*

But TODAY I found the lowest fare I've ever seen, and also through United: $535! And booking through the company website gave me an extra 1000 miles, meaning that, altogether, I'll have enough miles for a free ticket to the U.K. next summer. Whoo-hoo!

*In theory, I'm being reimbursed for my airfare by the conference organizers, so it shouldn't matter--but my contact has become very cagey of late about whether or how much of my costs they'll be able to cover. So, I'm not going and booking myself first-class or anything just yet.

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