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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Rock on, airport shopping

What with all the time I spent today first in European City Airport and then in Heathrow, I wound up wandering aimlessly through a lot of shops. Which shops resulted in:
  • A two-pack of 1-liter bottles of Jameson's, for 27 euros, or about $33 US (bottles run around $28 EACH at my local liquor store)
  • Random, last-minute, not-totally-crappy gifts
  • Franz Ferdinand's debut album, for 8 pounds sterling (the new release was there, too, but for 11 or 12 sterling--which, with the exchange rate, fucking hell!)
  • A hugely overpriced donut and even more ridiculously overpriced bagel sandwich. But by that point, it was all fake money anyway.
Uneventful travels, otherwise. Read for my classes, made up a quiz for my comp students, wrote a pretty damn enthusiastic recommendation for a former student I don't actually totally love (but who's smart, very hard-working, and I'm quite convinced would be an exceptional summer intern), and finally started in on Slammin' Sammy Pepys. Good to be home. Not so good to be teaching tomorrow.

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Blogger G-Fav commented at 8:44 PM~  

Welcome home!

Somehow "slammin' Ohm's law" doesn't have the same ring to it.


Anonymous Anonymous commented at 1:52 PM~  

Not a bad deal on the booze. I know we were talking about prices awhile ago, but it was confusing because of the different sizes.. Here Jaimeson's seems to be:

750mL: $18.99
1L: $26.99
1.75L: $31.99

- scr

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