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Sunday, February 19, 2006

This is just to say

That I'm back home now, after a stupidly early flight, far too little sleep, and far too much to drink last night. But! I didn't die in a fiery explosion, so I can go out tonight to celebrate my thirty-first year of life on this earth.

The conference was great, as usual, and despite my concern about my paper--which came from material I'd thrown into my dissertation last summer and really hadn't looked at since then--it went over very well and led to some useful discussions; two (senior) scholars even asked for copies so that they could cite or refer to it in their own work--which has to be a good sign! I was also nominated & appointed to a position within the organization, which I'm equally psyched about. It's a group that I love, and it's nice to think that I'll have some small hand in helping to run it and some say in how it approaches its next few years of existence. (I'm also relieved to have a good reason to keep attending this conference, since I'm not sure how much, if any, new scholarship I'll be doing in this particular area in the next year or two.)

Now, if only I didn't still have 44 papers left to grade. . .

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Blogger negativecapability commented at 3:58 PM~  

I, too, am resigned to the possibility of going down in a fiery explosion every time I fly. People are usually shocked to learn this, as I fly almost every month and outwardly seem to be ok with it.

Welcome back!

Blogger RageyOne commented at 4:08 PM~  

Happy Birthday!!!! Have a good one and don't celebrate too hard! Those papers are awaiting...:>)

Glad to hear you had a successful conference appearance.

Blogger lucyrain commented at 4:28 PM~  

Congratulations on surviving the flight and having a great conference! And Happiest Birthday, LL!

Anonymous What Now? commented at 6:04 PM~  

Happy birthday! I hope that this next year is a wonderful one for you. Go celebrate!

Anonymous hk commented at 12:15 AM~  

Happy birthday to one of my favorite people on the planet!

Blogger phd me commented at 12:42 AM~  

Happy birthday indeed! Hope you did something fun to celebrate.

Anonymous Anonymous commented at 3:13 AM~  

I, too, have an odd thing about airplanes and firey wrecks. Maybe it runs in the family? Every time I am on a plane I'm vaguely thinking about how it could spiral out of control on takeoff (that's the part that bugs me most, and my palms do sweat a bit from it). But that's not to say anyone else would know it, and it sure doesn't make hesitate to hop on a plane, I think I'm just sorta resigned to the fact that it just might happen some day. I prefer to drive, but merely for practical reasons -- more room, time to yourself, etc. Maybe what sucks about the plane is being out of control AND hurtling thru the air. Hard to be too worried about not being in control when you're riding a bus, since you're unlikely to collide into the ground at 600mph.

Happy bday, and hope you enjoyed the wrong-coast branch of the family serenading you...


Blogger Ancrene Wiseass commented at 4:28 AM~  

Happy birthday, congrats on the conference successes, welcome back, and bon chance with those papers!

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