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Late Spring To-Do List

  • Read scholarly book #1
  • Read scholarly book #2
  • Catch up on professional journals
  • Administer evaluations
  • Grade seminar research papers
  • Write two final exams
  • Grade final exams
  • Compute final grades
  • Order books for fall
  • Find apartment in New City
  • Attend INRU Commencement!

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Sunday, April 16, 2006

End-of-semester countdown

Although it hardly feels like it, the semester is indeed nearly over. As of today, I have:
  • 2 more weeks of classes
  • 4 more days of teaching
  • 22 hours of teaching
  • 12 hours participating in/supervising a "fun" extra-credit project--on a Saturday (what was I thinking?)
  • 44 papers left to grade from my survey classes
  • 21 research papers to grade from my seminar on Author #1
  • 3 final exams to devise
  • 2 days of exams to sit through
  • 77 final exams to grade
  • 98 course grades to compute
But by May 12, it will all be over!

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Blogger Hieronimo commented at 12:04 AM~  

oh man, when you put it that way, it just seems so horrible.

Blogger Weezy commented at 12:25 PM~  

I have been so doing the same thing! Love your list-- I'll need to break mine down in greater detail!

Blogger Dr. Lisa commented at 7:33 PM~  

please God let it end soon!

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