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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Teaching mystery #724

Why is it that today, when I had a terrible head cold, had bumbled my way through my first three classes, and was fully prepared to let my fourth class go early--why did THAT class, typically the weakest of my four, the one with apathetic non-majors, at a terrible time of day, on a subject and genre in which I'm not an expert--go just truly and amazingly well? So well that I left the room energized (which I never am at 5.30 p.m. after being up for twelve hours, teaching for six, and facing a long train ride home)?

[The ride home was still excruciating, but at least the day didn't feel like a total waste.]

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Blogger Sfrajett commented at 2:18 AM~  

Isn't it weird when then kids we think need us so much actually rise to the occasion when we are impaired? I like to think it's because we have patterned things really well. Or maybe the lazy bastards are just pulling the wool over our eyes the rest of the time.

Anonymous Anonymous commented at 3:57 AM~  

"oh, crap, she looks tired. We better not slack as much as we usually do, or she's gonna be pissed!" But then, I'm drunk. let's hear it for having good friday off!

going to put the screws to my HR person tomorrow and hope I get some kind of answer. Maybe we both will have kickass jobs!

... 67? jesus.


Blogger Inside the Philosophy Factory commented at 5:35 AM~  

it is kind of a pity reaction or they can relate to you when you look less than strong...

kind of makes you want to play sick more often...

Blogger Scrivener commented at 9:01 AM~  

I would bet that they don't even know you're off your game that day. It's not them messing with you, but the universe.

Blogger Tiruncula commented at 11:54 AM~  

It is amazing how often this happens.

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