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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Sometimes I love my students

Item the first: in my survey class, I give my students extra credit if they memorize a lyric poem of at least 14 lines by an author we've read. The deal is that they make an appointment with me and come to my office to recite it--with feeling! I've had good results in the past, but today two of my best students, who are close friends, proposed a slightly altered version: they'd both memorize two consecutive sonnets from a series, but recite them by delivering alternate lines: "You know," said one, "like a rap. We're thinking Beastie Boys, here."

I told them that was the awesomest thing I'd heard all day.

Item the second: I just Googled myself, and I found myself mentioned on a blog belonging to a student whom I taught last semester. He was laying out his projected course schedule for the fall, among which was listed Author Survey, with my name next to it and the comment "I love her!"


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Blogger Oso Raro commented at 2:23 PM~  

Funny how the little personal or private kudos from students can mean so much. After my last semester adjuncting at No Great Shakes Public U in California a few years ago, one of my students included along with her final paper a wonderfully sweet and thoughtful "thank you" note on a post-it, a small gesture for her but one that meant I great deal to me. I still have that post-it :-)

Blogger Professor B commented at 10:05 PM~  

After my first semester teaching, my class bought a card that they all signed (25+ students) telling me how much they enjoyed the class and how much they all wanted to have me in class again. I was really touched, and that card is now framed in my office. :-)

Blogger Terminaldegree commented at 3:43 AM~  

You sound like a fantastic teacher!!!

I save all those comments in a file in my office marked "kudos." I pull them out on dark days. It helps.

Blogger Ancrene Wiseass commented at 5:30 AM~  


Blogger Yr. Hmbl. & Obdt. commented at 1:55 PM~  

Alas, I cannot Google myself, as my name is the Irish equivalent of "John Smith." (58 pages??? Maybe I'm in there somewhere, but jeez...I got laundry to do.) But it sounds as though you're doing what you're meant to do. And when that something is teaching--one of the few professions that's genuinely virtuous--then you're not just a great teacher--you're a great person. But then, we already knew that about you, LaL.

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