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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Because someone STILL hasn't bought any vermouth

I'm sitting here on Friday night drinking straight gin. Following Sfragett (and Winston Churchill)'s excellent advice, I decided that a damn martini didn't really need any damn vermouth, so long as the whole damn thing was ice-cold.

(It does have olives, though, because I'm the kind of girl whose refrigerator is never without a jar of cocktail olives--and a bunch of other things.)

Any bets on how many sets of reading responses I'll get through before calling it quits?

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Blogger francofou commented at 7:47 PM~  

Gin is what my mother drank; it kept her going and me, miserable. For what it's worth (nothing).

Blogger Margo, darling commented at 12:37 AM~  

I stopped by the comment section to gush about how much I loved your post and how totally great GWB sounds and how chewy and satifsying your interactions sound--really, it's such a gift to be with someone you can talk to, and listen to, endlessly. But francofou threw down the gauntlet, so I'll play. Here's how I really feel:

I'm impressed. I'm besides myself with jealousy. What do you want me to do, throw up?

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