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Tuesday, May 16, 2006


This afternoon I finally received the three bound copies of my dissertation that I'd ordered from UMI.

This morning I called up Sallie Mae to consolidate all my student loans. Given that I owe well over $60,000, I'm projected to be in repayment for the next 25 years.

Talk about your vanity projects.

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Anonymous nessie commented at 8:50 PM~  

Then again, hey, there's always the lottery--this could be your year! Oh, and don't forget publisher's ed and he and his group's knock on your door. Hmmm . . . is perhaps something even worse than loans, yes?

Anonymous What Now? commented at 9:36 PM~  

My dad gave me a very sound bit of wisdom when I was in grad school. I was going on about investments in human capital and how education made people more profitable, to which he replied that this certainly held true for some things, but that I needed to realize that a Ph.D. in humanities was NOT an investment in human capital but was rather the purchase of a luxury item. My father rarely says helpful things, but this was a very good way for me to think about my doctoral work -- it was my version of buying a Lexus or the like.

Anonymous Peri commented at 9:56 PM~  

This will so be me. Don't dwell on the loans...I fear I'll be long gone before mine get paid off. I'm in a helpful state of denial until I get something in the mail from them.

Blogger Cats & Dogma commented at 10:21 PM~  

At 20K a copy, I'd say it was worth it. (mine cost 25k each).

Blogger Oso Raro commented at 3:34 PM~  

Student loans, Ew! Bound copies? Nice, but oh so expensive. :-)

Blogger MaggieMay commented at 4:25 PM~  

I *loved* getting the bound copied of my diss-- made it feel much more real.

Blogger timna commented at 11:33 AM~  

Wow, mine were only $6,000 each. I got 6 copies....
We decided fairly early on in the project to look at it as an additional mortgage.

Anonymous Anonymous commented at 7:53 PM~  

I needed to realize that a Ph.D. in humanities was NOT an investment in human capital but was rather the purchase of a luxury item.
Heh. That's a great way of looking at it.

Blogger medieval woman commented at 11:47 AM~  

Congrats on getting the copies of the diss - are you making sticking stuffers of some of them?? And I hear you on the student loans - I just consolidated my Direct Loans - I've got around 50K from many years of grad school and high living....well, at least grad school!

Blogger medieval woman commented at 11:48 AM~  

oops, I meant "stocking stuffers"... :)

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