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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Service announcements

Limited blogging ahead: George Washington Boyfriend and I are off to spend the next few days in INRU-land for commencement, partying down with assorted members of my family and his family--it'll be the first time that our parents will have met, so. . . wish us luck with that. And pray for dry weather, while you're at it.

After that, I'll be hanging with my folks for a day or two here in the city, and then I'm off to New City to apartment hunt. If you're lucky, somewhere in the midst of it all I might post a photo of myself in my regalia, at least for a few hours.

Impending relocation: What with my rapidly-approaching 1-year bloggiversary and my graduation and new job and title and all the rest, I'll be moving to a new blog-home and taking on a different pseudonym by the end of the month. I expect to leave this blog up, however, and you may expect clear and easy directions to the housewarming party at my new place. BYOB.

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Blogger Hieronimo commented at 2:08 PM~  

I was wondering how you were going to handle the lack of Lecturess-ness in your near future.

Blogger luckybuzz commented at 3:37 PM~  

Good luck with the parents' meeting! (Ours just met for the first time--after 10 years!--at the wedding.) :)

Blogger Tiruncula commented at 7:38 PM~  

Have a great time! I'll look forward to pictures, updates, and the housewarming party!

Blogger RageyOne commented at 4:24 PM~  

Ooohhhh!! Have a great time! Congrats again!

Blogger Ancrene Wiseass commented at 10:22 PM~  

Have a great trip!

Can't wait to see the new place.

Blogger Oso Raro commented at 12:40 AM~  

Aren't you back yet? Isn't the parade of egghead penguins over yet, with some famous blowhard harranguing and everyone else sweltering under the sun? We miss you, come back Little Sheba!

Apartment hunting. Both bleh and hurrah I suppose. Good luck with that little aspect of moving which I don't miss :-))

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