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Sunday, July 17, 2005

New line on the CV

So I just got invited to submit a paper I gave earlier this year for publication, along with the other papers on my panel/roundtable thingy. Pretty much as-is; the idea, I guess, is basically just to preserve the ideas we assembled for the future use of other people working on the subject.

All of which of course is good, but a little strange--this was a plenary panel on a relatively understudied work, and it was meant to be mainly informative and fun: here's one aspect of this work; here's another; here're ways it might be taught or studied. I was worried that it had the potential to be rather dry, so I worked hard to spice up my paper. . . and if I do say so myself, it kicked serious ass: very funny, very lively, and very after-dinner-toast-y. I stood up, I used props; the works. Even my famously love-withholding advisor told me it was fantastic.

But the thing is, I'm not sure it's as good when not a performance piece, and I'm not sure there's really that much content there. Amusing bits, yes. Useful information, yes. But a thorough history-of-this-work's-reception? Barely.

But it's a line on the CV, right? I should just be happy with that, right?

Or should I be worried that someday, somewhere, people are going to do an MLA search on me and think, "what the hell is THAT piece of nonsense?"

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Blogger BrightStar commented at 8:50 AM~  

Is it going through peer review? If so, you'll probably get feedback you need to assure you that it's not a piece of nonsense.

Will you have time to progress on this piece while working on the dissertation?

How nice to receive an invitation like that! Congrats!!

Blogger La Lecturess commented at 10:29 AM~  

No--I think the "peer review" consists of the two editors of the journal in question (one of whom was on the panel with me) deciding that they thought the material was interesting enough (or that they had extra space to fill in this upcoming issue!). So I think this falls under the "other publications," as opposed to "referreed publications" category, for sure.

Don't have a deadline yet, but if the panel organizer is to be believed, the revisions they want are really really minor--just making sure citations are in place and that obviously oral elements changed or taken out.

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