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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Reliability is a virtue. Look into it.

Okay, so you may remember Smaller Respectable Journal--the publisher of my first article? Which contacted me more than a month ago for my mailing address and which then failed to send me my copies & offprints in a timely fashion?

Yeah. So after two weeks I emailed the editorial assistant to check in & make sure they weren't sending the package to my office-job address (as I was on the verge of ending that job) . . . and I received no reply.

So yesterday, after ANOTHER 2 weeks, I emailed the managing editor directly. I know him professionally, but I really didn't want to bug him again (I'd already pestered him twice about publication dates). Today he wrote back to say that he'd checked in the office and my package was there, addressed to me at INRU, but if I wanted it sent somewhere else he'd change the label and personally ship it out tomorrow.

Which makes me happy, but which raises a couple of questions:

  1. WHY did the journal use NEITHER of the addresses I supplied (home & part-time job), and INSTEAD think I'd want my package shipped to a departmental address I've never given anyone, in a city where I no longer live?
  2. WHY after more than four weeks haven't any of these packages been sent?

Bitch, bitch. I know this is a part-time gig for everyone involved, but how hard is it to return an email? Makes me actually feel fondly toward the officious and pedantic editor at that other journal.

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Blogger BrightStar commented at 11:09 PM~  

ugh... sounds very frustrating. :(

Anonymous Anonymous commented at 12:17 PM~  

Hah... that reminds me of this one time I got a speeding ticket and had it mailed to my school address.

For some reason it got returned, but I just assumed they were being slow because I knew they had a huge backlog. Got an automated call a month or two later, 24h before my court date 840 miles away. So I called the court to complain.

* They looked up my caseID and found that my notice of the hearing had been returned to them as invalid address.

* .. but they didn't bother to resend it

* or to send it to the address on my freaking driver's license.

* or call me at that number

* or call me on my cell phone because they "don't call long distance"

* and then refused to give me a continuance because they're TOO BUSY writing an ungodly number of tickets to actually process court cases.

Some people.

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