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Friday, August 26, 2005

Fie on thee, Media Services!

Grr. So I decided yesterday that I needed a TV/VCR for Monday for my comp class, since we're starting off with a provocative video on the subject that the course is designed around. I hastily called up the Media Services Dept's online request form, since they need two business days to process any orders. After I clicked "send," I got a screen that said I'd receive an email confirming the order, and that it wouldn't be confirmed without that email.

However, by this morning I hadn't received an email, and I'd further discovered that, since my class only meets twice a week (instead of the usual three times), it's actually 110 minutes long, not the 80 that the scheduler had told me--meaning, I'd need the equipment for longer than I'd requested it.

I called Media Services around noon. No one was there, and the option tree wasn't helpful. I left a message for the manager, explaining the problem in detail, and requesting that he call me back. Of course, he hasn't. And now it's the weekend.

Then the course director emailed me to say that my room has been changed to an entirely different building (I guess because my original room wasn't available for the full 110 minutes? no clue).

So now I don't know whether I'll have equipment or not, or if I do whether I can get it sent to the correct room--and this seriously affects my lesson planning, since I doubt that going over the syllabus and doing introductory ice-breaking activities will take up even 45 minutes, much less 110, and although I don't mind letting my students out early on the first day, letting them out an hour early is a bit much.

(Oh, and also? There are multiple Media Services offices, and the one that supplies the classroom I thought I was in does not supply the one I'm now in.)

I'll say it again: grr! Guess this means that I'll have to do some actual PLANNING for this class, damn it to hell.

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Blogger RageyOne commented at 1:04 PM~  

Ohhhh...I really dislike those phone trees! They are so non-helpful at times.

I hope everything works out for you.

Anonymous Anonymous commented at 3:17 PM~  

First day of classes is always the best.. 15 minutes and out!

But I guess that works a bit better on 65 min classes than 110...

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