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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Home again, home again, jiggety jig

No time yet for such jigs, but I'll be doing one at this time tomorrow, I hope, assuming my apartment building hasn't burned down or my landlady changed the locks in my absence.

The last few days here in the Northwest have been good, and I regret leaving because I know that, as soon as I arrive in the Northeast, the academic year officially begins--and it will be rush-rush-rush until the end of November. (After that, it will just be teaching and grading. And really: how hard can that be?)

Yesterday my mom and I went shopping at the fabulous local mall, next to which every other mall will be, to me, gross and depressing in the way that malls are widely reputed to be. But this one I love because I grew up with it (& it's also in fact quite well-designed). Though it's now scarily upscale, like absolutely everything in the once-provincial town in which I was raised, it still has some oddball tenents who hang on and on--probably as a front for drug dealers, but never mind that.

Then today I stayed in and finished up my most recent round of edits to Ch. 4, which was a nice note to end the trip on even if this is not, in fact, the final round of edits for that damn chapter. Still, I emailed our DGS to say I was submitting next month, so's the department can line up readers in time--which means that, shit, I guess I'm actually submitting!

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