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Sunday, August 21, 2005


After staying over at the Fergusbergs’ last night, we got up late, and then went to see Jim Jarmusch’s Broken Flowers with them before heading back into the city. A good movie—it’s the kind of film (leisurely, quirky, and lovely) that Lost in Translation THOUGHT it was, but so crashingly wasn’t. Both have relatively thin plots, but Jarmusch’s film has just enough to give it shape and direction, and it benefits from outstanding supporting actors. Almost all of the scenes are rich and strange, with the kind of below-the-surface fullness that I felt Coppola’s film completely lacked—that sense that the peripheral characters had complete, complicated, off-screen lives that the movie just briefly joined and then left again. Worth seeing.

Then we returned to the city, and GWB headed back to Quaint Smallish City for his first day of classes tomorrow. I'm starting orientation at Big Urban tomorrow, myself, so I guess this is really and truly the end of summer. (And, God, I'm so anxious about everything!)

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Blogger academic coach commented at 10:29 AM~  

Thanks for the movie review. I actually liked Lost in Translation. But maybe just because I had a couple of similar, wild nights in Tokyo 25 years ago...

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