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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Giving the smack-down

Forgot to mention that I just had a snarky letter-to-the-editor published (and directly rebutted by the author of the article in question; ooh, I'm famous!), which I found pretty cool.

This small-circulation, sorta general-interest, sorta specific-interest magazine that I subscribe to, and that I think is generally very smart and literate, recently published an insane cover story on Super Huge Famous Author that touched peripherally on my scholarly interests. It was written by an "independent scholar" who has (somehow) just published a book on SHFA--and though the article began decently enough, it descended rapidly into madness. Shakey premise? Check. Flawed literary-critical method? Check. Huge leaps of logic? Check, check and check!

So, naturally, I had to give the author the serious smackdown. Not that I imagine she's exactly cowering under my blows; which of us has the book contract, again?

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Anonymous Anonymous commented at 6:18 PM~  

Indeed, some folk just forget their role and need to be reminded of it---just like this jabronie, apparently. lol

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