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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Vacation time

GWB arrived earlyish yesterday, and we kicked around for most of the afternoon & evening, not doing much--he has an abnormally high tolerance for endless conversations with my extremely chatty family, for which I love him. I mean, I enjoy my family mightily, but, first of all, they're MY family, and secondly I do get exhausted after a while and have to go hide out in the basement somewhere. But not so he.

Today we went into the university district to an awesome bookstore I'd discovered, completely by accident, while searching for something on ABE. I don't know whether someone in my field at the U recently died, or what, but I walked out with five scholarly books I either needed or wanted--and I could have purchased close to ten, if I'd been willing to spend more than the ::cough cough cough:: SEVENTY-FIVE DOLLARS I in fact spent. (Or at any rate put on my credit card.)

Then we drove over to a nearby artsy neighborhood to check out some of the vintage stores--man, prices are so much cheaper out here than they are back east. I saw some lovely old portable typewriters at this one store, 1950s and 60s models, for under $50, every single one of them. Some were under $30. Not so in Major Eastern City. But I refrained from making any purchases.

And now we're off to a ballgame with my dad and brother--hooray for vacation!

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Blogger Dr. C commented at 7:11 AM~  

How fun! I am a bookaholic, so I totally get the whole *cough* $75 on the credit card. ;-) And I'm glad to see that someone else likes vintage stuff. My "new" house is completely vintage ... seeing how it was built in 1914! My goal is to restore all the wrought iron vents before next summer. Oops - completely off topic there. LOL.

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