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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Well, that's what I get . . .

For thinking about teaching right before going to bed:

My first teaching-anxiety dream of the academic year: oh no, today's the first day of classes! And I haven't finished my syllabi! Or planned a discussion! And, oh, shit--I just missed the train I was going to take. And huh, I never made it out to campus, so I don't know where anything is.

Thus follow many attempts to get to campus (train, car rental, etc.), finally ending in success . . . except that of course I have to walk for miles to get to the English department, and nothing is signed and the map I have is imperfect, and the entire rest of the dream is spent going in one building and out another, hiking along paths, suddenly remember things I urgently have to do first in the library, and watching my watch tick down all the while.


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Blogger shrinkykitten commented at 10:17 PM~  

I had one of those too... as have at least 2 other academic bloggers. Could it be contagious? An epidemic? A pandemic? Geez, guess what I'll be having nightmares about tonight :)

Blogger negativecapability commented at 8:37 PM~  

These seem to be going around...mine involved not having had handed out the syllabus two weeks into class.

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