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Sunday, July 31, 2005


Just sent my revised first chapter to my advisor. I still have to track down some citations, and I think there are definitely some weak patches--and let's not talk about the fact that my conclusion is basically, "and here's an interesting area for future study," rather than actually providing that study--but what the hell. It's done. For now.

Tomorrow I think will be devoted to packing and printing out copies of Chs 2 & 3 to mark up on the plane; they're basically in final form, but I need to do some minor work here and there. Next week I'll see what kinds of revisions I can make to Ch. 4.

But for now, to bed. Just drank a rather large martini after eating, today, exactly this: 2 pieces of toast, about 1/5 of a carton of mint chocolate chip ice-cream (hey, gotta clear out the fridge before I leave), and the better part of a box of Wheat Thins. Just didn't feel like cooking, but now. . . whee!

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Anonymous Anonymous commented at 5:12 PM~  

keep at it babe, you're doing well...

Anonymous New Kid on the Hallway commented at 6:30 PM~  

Congrats! What a relief to have that off your hands!

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