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Monday, September 19, 2005

Ugh, Monday

Suddenly I feel as though I'm back in the 9-5 world, with that depressed-on-Sunday-evening, what-a-long-crappy-week-ahead feeling--only, of course, it's worse because this weekend I felt such an obligation to be productive in the futile hope of being ahead of the game once papers from all 80 of my students hit virtually at once.

I did, actually, get a reasonable amount done: wrote a rec letter for a former professor of mine, who's now up for a tenured job elsewhere; finalized my job market materials, set up a spreadsheet to track my applications, and assembled ELEVEN entire job applications (right now I'm only doing those that don't yet require recommendation letters, since most of my recommenders are in the process of updating their letters); sorted through tons of papers and started various new files; painted my toenails; talked to several good friends on the phone; tried but failed to finish putting together a summary report of my research for Schmancy.

Then last night, after mass, I went downtown to D's apartment, where she and I and two other friends hung out on the roof of her building with wine and a pair of delicious French cheeses as the sun set. It was a full harvest moon last night, golden and luminous between the rooftops, seemingly suspended just a hairsbreadth away. As we chatted and drank, Mr. D., meanwhile, was slaving away over a hot stove four stories down--"getting in touch with his creative side," D shrugged--and shortly after 9 p.m. we went down to feast on his creations.

Really lovely. Except that I spent all the long subway ride home fretting about how unprepared I was for my classes tomorrow (today), and wondering whether my relative lack of concern about same made me a bad teacher.

Damn. What happened to the summer?

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Blogger What Now? commented at 3:10 PM~  

I'm now getting to the point where I'm trying to accept the fact that I'm often not prepared and, instead of feeling that this makes me a bad professor, am trying to feel that this means I'm now an old pro as a professor. Some of my old expectations for myself (class notes neatly typed up by the night before class, etc.) simply don't happen as often now because I'm just too busy doing other things, things that are equally important as the classes I'm teaching.

It sounds as though you had a very productive weekend and also had some of that oh-so-important downtime, so good for you!

Anonymous Mrs. "Nee Miss" D commented at 8:01 PM~  

Drink more wine. It's good for your head. I think I drank too much on Sunday. The next day, I was too happy at work. It was good to see you! I'm coming uptown next time so you won't feel as pressed about time...

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