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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Grading meme

Okay, I'm taking Stewgad up on her challenge, since I'm so buried under papers that I don't know when or what I'd be able to post otherwise.

Five things I hate more than grading:
  1. Financial insecurity. I just found out that a) one of my student loans is now in repayment (the others are deferred since I'm registered as a student at INRU for this semester), and b) that the paycheque I finally got from Big Urban still hasn't cleared my account, meaning that I'm getting overdraft charges for the cheques I too eagerly wrote against it.
  2. Non-tenure-track employment. I'm lucky to have this job, I like the school, and I'm enjoying the teaching I'm doing. But teaching 3-4 so that the t-t faculty at Big Urban can teach 2-2? Bullshit.
  3. The direction the Vatican is going. Or should I say, has already gone?
  4. Not getting enough sleep. This one goes hand-in-hand with grading, of course, but I'm just exhausted, all the time, and not very good company. Even when I take time out to see my friends, I feel like it's an effort to be fun. Yesterday I calculated the number of hours per week I'm actually working, and I discovered that in an average week I'm working close to 55 hours. These two paper-grading weeks I'll be working nearly 75.
  5. George W. Bush. 'Nuff said.

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