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Late Spring To-Do List

  • Read scholarly book #1
  • Read scholarly book #2
  • Catch up on professional journals
  • Administer evaluations
  • Grade seminar research papers
  • Write two final exams
  • Grade final exams
  • Compute final grades
  • Order books for fall
  • Find apartment in New City
  • Attend INRU Commencement!

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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Grand total: $270.30

  • Paper and toner for one copy of dissertation: approx. $2.00
  • Three velo-bound readers' copies, courtesy of Kinko's: $68.80
  • RT train fare to Grad School City: $28.00
  • Bus to campus (hey, it was raining!): $1.50
  • Grad School diss binding fee: $20.00
  • UMI copyright registration fee: $45.00
  • Pre-ordering three bound copies through UMI: $105.00
Being done? Priceless

(And, yes: that whole "priceless" shtick would be much more convincing to me and everyone else if I did not now have more than $50K in student loans and credit card debt in the high four figures.)

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Blogger jo(e) commented at 8:16 PM~  

Even with the debt, it must be a good feeling. Congrats!

Blogger G-Fav commented at 8:25 PM~  

Congratulations! Congratulations!


Blogger BrightStar commented at 9:17 PM~  

YAY!!!!! This is too cool. :)

Blogger phd me commented at 9:31 PM~  

Congrats to you! The joy of accomplishment is worth every penny.

Blogger Prof. Me commented at 10:42 PM~  

Wonderful! Congratulations to you!

Blogger What Now? commented at 11:19 PM~  

I know there's still the reading by the department members to get through, but you've done your part, and now it's all over but the waiting, with what sounds like a foregone conclusion at the end of it. Must feel so good!

Blogger RLM commented at 11:35 PM~  

Sweeeeeeeeeet! Well done! (cue "4-bar" here) :-D

Anonymous Anonymous commented at 7:58 AM~  

Hooray! Good work, Lecturess.


Blogger Tabitha Grimalkin commented at 7:43 PM~  

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Blogger Tabitha Grimalkin commented at 7:45 PM~  

Congrats!! And, oh boy, do I hear you about the whole debt-load thing! *ugh*

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