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Monday, October 03, 2005

Numbers meme

As created by Jo(e) and adapted in various ways by various persons.

Square footage of my bathroom: 100
Square footage of my entire apartment: 500
Television sets I own: 0
Approx. hours I listen to NPR, daily: 5
Pets I own: 0
Pets I would like to own: 1
Jobs I've held: 5
Cars I've owned: 0
Miles I commute to work, each way: 75
Metropolitan subway or commuter rail systems I can navigate with ease: 9
Proximity to my immediate family, in miles: 2,393
Proximity to any family, in miles: 642
Approx. number of round-trip plane trips I take a year: 8
Trips I've taken to Europe: 4
Trips I've taken to Asia: 2
States I've visited: 26
States I've lived in: 3
Purses or handbags I currently own: 18
Musical instruments I can play: 1
Books on my shelf by Evelyn Waugh: 15
Individual pieces of stemware I own: 25
Dinner forks I own: 4
Approx. minutes/day I spend fussing about how I look: 120
Approx. minutes/day I spend fussing about my weight/figure: 0
Institutions of higher learning I've attended: 1
Years in grad school: 6
Students I'm currently teaching: 76
Approx. number of students I'm teaching next semester: 110
Max. number of students previously taught in one semester: 18
Papers I currently have to grade: 61
Gin-based drinks this grading will likely require: 10

Tostitos "Hint of Lime" tortilla chips consumed while writing this post: 53

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Anonymous Anonymous commented at 11:06 PM~  

I just realized my bedroom+closet is about as large as your bathroom.

This wouldn't be such a problem if I didn't have a roommate.


Anonymous Anonymous commented at 7:53 AM~  


(This comment brought to you by Edison the cat. He is very excited that you would like to get a pet, but thought that you should know that some cats are irresistibly attracted walking across laptop keyboards.)


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