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Sunday, November 20, 2005


We lost. In triple overtime. After being ahead the entire game. Mothahfucker!

But the weather was lovely (as it always is, at home--at that other school there's always a fierce arctic chill), the company good, and we had us a damn fine tailgate before the game. Afterwards we repaired to one of our favorite dining establishments where we drank some more, did some shots, and continued our catching up. We were all in the same extracurricular activity in college, so the group of us who gather is fairly large and fairly loose. Many of these people I see somewhat regularly, but some I see only once a year. We long ago agreed that the only excuse for missing a game was childbirth, hospitalization, or residence overseas--and although many of us have violated that pact once or twice, it's so nice to know that I can reconnect with these particular friends and this particular part of myself at least once a year. That Saturday before Thanksgiving? I've been spending it doing just one thing, for each of the last 13 years. And I expect to be doing the same thing, on that date, in perpetuity.

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