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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

National de-lurking week

I've been informed by many reliable sources that this is national (nay, international!) de-lurking week. And as my site hits have grown enormously over the last couple of months, I know that there are a lot of you out there.

So I'd like to invite any readers to feel free to step on up and join the party, but I can't promise there will be much to comment ON in the next several days--I'm currently holed up in Quaint Smallish City, hoping to use this last week before classes begin to punch out an article and read a stack of journals (but getting continually distracted by much more enjoyable things, like changing the template for this blog).

So instead, I encourage anyone to comment at any time, on anything, or just to introduce yourself. Make it your belated New Year's resolution. De-lurking "week" be damned!

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Anonymous Anonymous commented at 5:20 PM~  

Damn it this is a nice template!

Anonymous Mary commented at 7:18 PM~  

Yes, very snazzy template! I lurk here and enjoy your blog, so thanks for that! :)

Blogger RageyOne commented at 7:24 PM~  

Hey there! I'm a regular reader. The changes look good!

Blogger Dr. Virago commented at 7:58 PM~  

Well you know I'm a regular reader, but I just wanted to say I like the new look! Oh, and my sister (aka Virgo Sis) has stopped by your blog from time to time and says you and she have the same taste in music and food (from the Fours Meme). So I guess I'm delurking on her behalf! :)

Blogger BrightStar commented at 8:47 PM~  

good work on the template!

Blogger La Lecturess commented at 8:57 PM~  

Hello, lurkers and non-lurkers! Thanks for reading.

And now I'm really, really going to go meet my page quota for the day.

Blogger Dr. Mon commented at 9:25 PM~  

Love the new changes!!

Blogger luckybuzz commented at 10:21 PM~  

Oooh, the template is beautiful! I think I tried to use a variation of this one once, but it just didn't work for me...anyway, looks great. And I should comment more.

Anonymous Astroprof commented at 2:06 PM~  

I am an occasional lurker (when I get the time). I don't recall if I ever posted here before. You've got a nice blog, though.

Blogger jo(e) commented at 2:51 PM~  

I am a lurker. Except that sometimes I comment.

Anonymous Anonymous commented at 6:33 PM~  

Tis RG, delurked and unmasked.

Blogger La Lecturess commented at 7:53 PM~  

Hello, hello, hello, hello AND hello! Thanks for coming by.

And--is this THE RG? d/b/a RGW? So good to see you, girl! What the hell are you up to?

Blogger G-Fav commented at 12:27 AM~  



Blogger ABDmom commented at 5:07 PM~  

Not really a lurker, but saying hello anyway. :)

Blogger Deb commented at 10:30 PM~  

Another lurker here. Love your blog; love hearing about your job search!

Anonymous St. Eph commented at 1:37 AM~  

Also delurking. I'm in the dissertation phase, and reading about what's next on my horizon, through your lens, is strangely calming, somehow. Good luck on the campus visit!

Blogger Unsane commented at 9:51 PM~  


Blogger La Lecturess commented at 10:00 PM~  

Ooh! REAL lurkers! Thanks for saying hi; I hope to see/hear more of you in the future.

Blogger kermitthefrog commented at 10:39 PM~  

Another lurker, de-lurking (a bit belatedly)!

Anonymous Anonymous commented at 12:33 AM~  

I am a bona fide lurker. I read your blog fairly regularly as part of my observation of academia.

--Anon English grad student

Blogger Wandering Dave commented at 1:46 AM~  

I don't think that I'm really lurking -- but then again...

I'm David and my interest is communication (mass media). I'm taking a year-long trip and testing the utility of seven media channels: blog; newspaper column; online forum; map room; photo gallery; podcasts; and radio.

If the idea of getting your message out there using more of these options, please take a look -- and leave a comment, if you aren't a lurker...


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