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Monday, February 20, 2006

Not as young as I used to be

But, sometimes, I can still put on a good show for an evening.

Because of my conference, George Washington Boyfriend and I had agreed that we'd celebrate my birthday next weekend, when he'd be coming into town. But I wanted to do something on the day itself, so Bert and I were planning on getting together and grabbing drinks or dinner. But then he came up with a better idea: dance party!

For a time, Bert was a serious partier, and we used to go out dancing almost every time I visited him, but now he goes out less frequently and mostly to smaller events and/or ones where he knows & likes the DJ; the last couple of times he's invited me I haven't been able to make it, and it's been probably close to two years since we went out dancing together. And how fantastic it was to do it again!

The party in question was a medium-sized event, not exactly private, but mostly spread by word-of-mouth. The organizers had rented out a most excellent space--a turn-of-the-century bank building that now houses a bar and club--and the DJ was quite good, playing happy, lively stuff, just the thing for the cold, bleak middle of February. It was a queer crowd, of course, which was great. I really dislike the scene at straight clubs (the drunk and borderline belligerent guys, the feeling of being perpetually on display), and gay clubs allow me to just do my own thing, enjoy the music, dress to dance (i.e., wear sneakers), and be pleasantly disregarded by everyone except my friends and my friends' friends. But, wouldn't you know it: possibly the only straight guy in the entire place managed to find me! Friendly and harmless, though, and he left me alone after a bit--whether because he concluded that I wasn't interested or because Bert's other closest friend, Maria, and her girlfriend soon showed up and I was kissing them hello and dancing with them; I suspect he may have come to the conclusion that I wasn't oriented in his direction.

Many of Bert's fanning friends were there, and I brought the lovely fans that he made me for my birthday several years back:

(For those of you completely flummoxed, here's an article on fanning that contains a few action shots.)

I definitely don't have the partying stamina that I once had, though, and between my having been up since 4 a.m. and Bert's buying all my drinks (which meant that he bought me a drink every time he bought himself one; he has, shall we say, recently rediscovered the joys of alcohol now that he's no longer using other things), I was a bit of a mess by the time I left. This morning was also pretty unpleasant, but I've since rallied. Haven't yet turned to the papers, but they're lying in wait.

Oh, and that picture above? Brought to you courtesy of my birthday present from my parents: a digital camera! Expect frequent photoblogging from here on out.

So all in all, a great birthday, and more good times to come this weekend, if I can make it there.

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Blogger negativecapability commented at 7:08 PM~  

I love the flags - my boyfriend plays with poi and sets them on fire - I like the poi, but I think I might check out some flags.

Blogger Ancrene Wiseass commented at 9:46 PM~  

Glad you had such a fun birthday!

Anonymous D commented at 10:20 PM~  

Happy birthday darling! I have a very grownup present for you from my recent trip abroad... Let's hang soon!!!!

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