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Sunday, July 17, 2005


Went out tonight to a game at a local ballpark with my friend Lorraine, who has the singular good fortune of having free passes to any game at any ballpark in the country (she works in the biz--and yes, gentlemen, she's single, she's straight, and she's hot; line forms to the right).

It was a lovely night and a good crowd, and when you're not paying for tickets the $11 on concessions really doesn't seem so bad. Home team lost, however, but I don't really follow them (my team is in my ORIGINAL hometown), so I found the many fans from the opposing team pretty funny when they started randomly cheering for other teams in the conference, especially this team's Big Rival. Also pretty funny was the lady behind me who kept calling someone on her cellphone to say, "I'm at the bawlgame. Can you hear it? I thought you'd wanna hear the noise. Okay, sorry."

Earlier, on my way to public transpo, I walked past a genuine block party--just the folks who lived there, a few streets down from me, who'd put up a police barricade at each end and a volleyball or badminton net strung across the middle of the block. Everyone out grilling or playing games or making balloon animal hats, with a boom box pumping out what I believe to be "Buffalo Stance"--I was late so couldn't linger, but damn.

Gotta love summer sometimes. Now if I can just find someone to open up a fire hydrant-in-lieu-of-sprinkler, I think I can die happy.

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Blogger G-Fav commented at 9:55 AM~  

You made me laugh because I misread "making balloon animal hats" as "wearing abdominal hats." I had never heard of abdominal hats before, so I reread that paragraph.

Oh - regarding your worries below - no need! You'd be surprised (well maybe you wouldn't) at how few people are asked to participate on those panels. I bet you're beating yourself up needlessly about the content of your presentation, because (1) something tells me you're the world expert, and (2) sometimes it's good to build public enthusiasm about the stuff that you're spending your life studying.


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