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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Fleeing to Canada

Off for a couple of days to Canada with the GWB, and when we return there will be crazy relatives in the house (notably my one aunt and her husband, but other assorted people are expected to drop by), so I'm unlikely to post for a couple of days. And since I don't have a digital camera, you can expect photos only if a) we take them, b) they get developed, and c) I scan them into my folks' computer. Yeah, yeah--primitive cultures out here, I know.

And ooh, good not-spending-any-money-at-the-vintage-stores karma: when we got home from the ballgame last night my mom mentioned that there's a woman at her office who recently inherited a gorgeous 1960s fur coat that she doesn't want, and if it fits it's mine. (And whatever fur-related scruples I might have simply don't apply to vintage stuff--those foxes? Not coming back from the dead any time soon.)

So ta for now~~

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