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Sunday, August 28, 2005


I can't believe I'm teaching tomorrow. Somewhere between 80-90 students--which is as many students, total, as I taught in six entire semesters at INRU. I still don't have my ID card. I haven't even seen the room my comp class is now in. And I know JACK SHIT about this first period we're studying in my survey, despite my diligent perusal of The Cambridge Companion to same these last few days.

But, at least I'm well-armed with handouts--I've been drawing up all those I expect to need for the forthcoming week. And I'm thinking about wearing a suit.

Handouts and a suit: they make me a professional, right?

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Blogger Stewgad commented at 4:24 PM~  

If they don't, I'm totally up a creek without a paddle. I'm completely relying on extensive multi-paged handouts and Ann Taylor to turn me into a professional tomorrow morning around 11:00 am.

Good luck tomorrow!

Blogger Cheeky Prof commented at 4:49 PM~  

Absolutely. Especially if the handouts have lots of confusing info on them. ;-)

Have a great day tomorrow and good luck!

Blogger La Lecturess commented at 6:59 PM~  

Hey, thanks, guys!

(And Stewgad, I've been feeling you over those last few entries--good luck yourself!)

Blogger BrightStar commented at 8:29 PM~  

good luck!!!

Blogger Margo, darling commented at 1:48 AM~  

The best thing will just be getting in there and having the unknown factor out of the way. But if you need any lectures/lesson plans/hand outs/tips for Brit Lit from mid-18th c. through mid-20th c. give me a holler via the email link on my blog and I'll send you anything I've got. Good luck.

Anonymous Anonymous commented at 7:01 AM~  

resounding yes! so long as you'll look the part, you'll begin to feel the part, then you will Be the part, and others will respond accordingly. Wear a suit and put your hair in a french roll - that's what I do in those sort of situations.

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