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Friday, January 13, 2006

Good news x 3

Good news the first
I've just had an essay solicited for an important new collection, edited by scholars I like and respect, to be published by Top University Press. I've been doing a little dance every few hours, whenever I think about this.

Good news the second
My first campus visit! I got a call today from Small College, with whose committee I had the other of my two best MLA interviews. I really liked the committee, I'm attracted by the school's undergraduate curriculum, and it's in a very appealing location. Haven't yet made up a dance, but I'm working on it.

Good news the third
I think I really am going back to the U.K. this summer. I have one project that really necessitates my going back, but since I'm not sure that I'll have the time or money this summer (especially if I'm moving and starting a new job) to work as intensively as I need to, I was thinking of waiting until 2007.

However, I had a nice chat today with h.k., who's going to be living in lavish corporate housing in London for part of the summer, and she promised I could crash there. I also want to catch up with my dear friend KFB, whose wedding I missed--and so even if I only get a little bit of work done, it won't be a waste. And of course it would be totally fun.

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Blogger Dr. Mon commented at 8:08 PM~  

Good for you! Many many congrats!

Blogger lucyrain commented at 9:04 PM~  

Fantastic! Dance away, my dear!

Blogger jo(e) commented at 9:04 PM~  

Hurray for good news!

Blogger What Now? commented at 9:12 PM~  

What a day! Congratulations three times over.

Blogger RageyOne commented at 2:10 AM~  

Congrats on all fronts!

Blogger Ancrene Wiseass commented at 2:15 AM~  

Hooray! That's fantastic.

Blogger Ianqui commented at 10:29 AM~  

Wow, that is a lot of good news! Congratulations!

Blogger meg commented at 1:35 PM~  

Good on ya!

Re going to the UK, perhaps another blogfest at the British Library (or Oxford, or Cambridge, or Macclesfield...) is in order. Everyone doing research in the UK next year, raise your hand.

Blogger academic coach commented at 2:26 PM~  

Wow, wow and wow.
Lots of dances are DEFINITELY in order.

Blogger phd me commented at 9:34 PM~  

Fantastic! Congrats on all this good stuff. Ahh, London, what a loverly place.

Blogger Wanna Be PhD commented at 10:45 AM~  

Wow, that are really cool news! I love the part about the book!

Blogger La Lecturess commented at 2:22 PM~  

Thanks, guys!

And Meg: yes, absolutely! I should definitely be at both the BL and Oxford (Cambridge only if I have time and $$). I'm thinking mid/late July, but we'll see what happens with my job search...

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