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Sunday, April 09, 2006


Well, this didn't get very far. I asked the dean for an additional $4K in salary, on the grounds that a) I've never owned a car, so purchasing one would represent a significant start-up expense, and b) since my partner lives in X location, I'd be spending Y amount each month on airfare to see him (many thanks to Hieronimo for suggesting this line of argument). I also pointed out that my salary next year at Big Urban would only be $6K less than the salary DRU was offering me, and that there I wouldn't need a car and would be closer to George Washington Boyfriend, so it was really a wash (if you ignore the lack of job security, the higher cost of living, heavier teaching load, etc., which I was willing to do for the sake of the argument).

But no dice: the English department is making several hires this year, of which I'm the last, and they apparently want everyone to start at the same salary. As for the other stuff: I asked for $5,500 in start-up funds and got $4,000; I'm getting up to $3,000 in moving expenses; and I confirmed that my computer and printer will be new and of my own choosing. Course reductions and pre-tenure leave weren't on the table.

I'm a little vexed that I couldn't maneouver my salary up by even $1,000, but on the whole I'm quite pleased with the package. The cost of living in the area is pretty low, so what money I make will probably go further than I expect after having spent most of my adult life in big, expensive cities.

I've been in Quaint Smallish City with GWB for the last few days and will be here until early Tuesday. We've been having a fine old time watching the final season of Six Feet Under, drinking the better part of a bottle of Jameson's, going out for a celebratory sushi dinner, grading papers. . . . Well, okay, so it would have been much more of a party without that last item, but it wouldn't be April without a sudden crush of work.

If I get through my quota today, though, we'll be going out for drinks with Dr. Fun, who just got tenure at Atypical College. So much to celebrate!

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Blogger RageyOne commented at 6:23 PM~  

Sounds like things are moving right along!

Blogger Dr. Virago commented at 7:19 PM~  

Hey, that's not bad. $4000 start-up *plus* $3000 *plus* new computer is pretty darn good, in fact, for a DRU. Bummer, though, that you couldn't get more salary or pre-tenure course reduction or leave, but not bad all round. And since I don't think I've already said this: good for you for negotiating! In my next life I will too -- you've inspired me! :)

Blogger Hieronimo commented at 7:26 PM~  

I think you did great, all things considered. When I was hired by My State U, they also wanted to have all new profs starting at the same salary, but I got a mysterious and unasked-for raise at the beginning of August, because someone else negotiated a higher salary and they topped everyone else up. Unfortunately, looks like DRU took the opposite strategy, but it was worth a shot, and at least now you know that you did all you could. The start-up package (research, moving, and computer) is quite generous, I think. I'm at the main campus of State U, which is a top-20 grad program, and our startup package is only a computer + $2K which has to cover research and moving. So given the tight budget situation all public institutions are working under, I think you got a very nice deal out of them.

Blogger Oso Raro commented at 7:58 PM~  

I've been meaning to log on and say congrats, but what can I say? Some weeks I'm addicted to Ms. Lecturess like a Whitney needs a crack hit, but Miss Cold City U has been kicking my butt for a couple of weeks.

So, belated Congrats, Doll! Now you're one of us Stepford Wives! But really, ¡Felicidades mamita! In terms of negotiation, comme ci comme ça. Offer sounds good on the table (startup and moving, sweet), although every job negotiation has its little annoying details that drag it down a bit. Of course, I'm a terrible, absolutely terrible negotiator so maybe you *shouldn't* take my word for it!

In any event, nothing is forever so work it girl: sashay, chanté, pop, dip, spin, and keep your eye on your own career, and when the time comes, if you want, you can write your own ticket. This, as they say, is only the beginning.

Blogger ABDmom commented at 9:59 PM~  

Congratulations! As you know, while there was movement on my salary, I received NO start-up money or moving expenses, though I will get a new computer. Ya did good, girl. Hope you're enjoying that well-deserved drink!

Blogger Sfrajett commented at 3:02 AM~  

Hey, you can always go on the market next year, and I would consider it while my letters, etc. were fresh. But all in all it sounds like a great deal, and I LOVE that you tried for the car as a startup expense. Makes perfect sense to me. And when I got a job, I didn't even know what a startup expense was, so never asked for any money, so you are way ahead of me and all my friends. Congratulations!

Blogger Dr. Mon commented at 4:27 PM~  

*Over here rollin on the floor @ Oso Raro's Whitney-crack comment*

Many congrats again to you LL!!

Anonymous New Kid on the Hallway commented at 11:16 PM~  

Well, if it's any consolation, course reductions/pre-tenure-leaves have never been on the table anywhere where I've worked, either, and like someone said above, at least you know you tried, and you can't agonize over what you might have been able to get! That is still a really good deal (at Rural Utopia my "startup money" was $2500 which bought my computer, and I got no moving money, so things could definitely be worse!).

Anonymous dr m commented at 1:30 PM~  

Why don't you propose to GWB and take him with you to the new school? :)

Blogger Scrivener commented at 9:06 AM~  

Belated congratualations for the job, and congratulations for negotiating (I'm so impressed that you manged to do it at all, let alone with the amount of successs you had)! Sounds like not a bad package in the end.

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