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Friday, July 22, 2005

Jury Duty: Postscript

Forgot to mention the best thing about jury duty: getting a copy of--I kid you not--a publication entitled, "Jury Pool News." Apparently it's a monthly newsletter. For whom? Those poor people sequestered on months-long trials? Believe me, I'd be wanting something new to read long before then.

I suspect that the first seven pages of "journalism" ("State Court Celebrates Diversity"!) are actually just an excuse for the crossword puzzle that takes up the entire back page. A nice guesture, the puzzle, but the clues are so easy ("___ King Cole") that I don't think it would really help anyone kill much time.

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Blogger Lina commented at 5:38 AM~  

I think you should take a copy of Crime and Punishment and look meaningfully at anyone who glances your way...

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