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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Weekend Preview

Off to Schmancy tomorrow, lugging suitcase, for after the library~~I'm taking off for a weekend in Quaint Smallish City!

Haven't decided yet whether I'm returning Sunday night or taking an early train on Monday, directly from QSC to Schmancy (the latter is more or less on the way to MEC, though it requires some annoying switching of trains). Leaning toward a Mon. departure, but it depends on how much excitement the Rare Books staff manifest at the prospect of looking after my suitcase for a second day.

Tasks for the weekend:
  • See George Washington Boyfriend!
  • Finish revisions to Ch. 1 (but I'd settle for everything-but-conclusion)
  • Prepare the brown-bag lunch talk I'm giving on my Schmancy research
  • See at least one movie
  • Sleep for many, many hours
  • Consume meals and Scotch that someone else has purchased & lovingly prepared
Then next Wednesday I'm spending the day in Grad School City to meet with my advisor and return/check out some library books; Friday I'm done at Schmancy; and the following Monday I'll be in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

(Which, of course, I'll be able to enjoy--because by then I'll have finished the revisions to Chs. 1-3. Right?)

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Blogger BrightStar commented at 7:49 AM~  

have a great time with GWBoy!

Anonymous Anonymous commented at 2:06 PM~  

Have fun!

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