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Monday, July 18, 2005

You must make love to the camera, dahling

Okay, so the photo-shoot wasn't half bad today, and I would venture to say even fun. First the photographer came into the reading room to get a bunch of "action" shots of us earnestly scrutinizing our books or manuscript materials and typing, and then he took us into a separate room for a rapid succession of headshots. Hope they turned out okay, though I think I was cracking up in many of them because one of the other fellows, standing off to the side, kept saying, with fierce, fashion-world intensity, "work it, work it! LOVE the camera!"

I just met him today, while we were waiting around for the photographer to show up (we fellows had started at different times and so had never been introduced), and it turned out that we went to college together. So we traded all the usual names--and since I'm back at INRU for grad school he was interested in how things had changed--and though we're in different fields it turned out, further, that I knew a wacky guy his department had just hired. Generally fun. And the brown-bag lunch presentations of the fellows' projects start tomorrow, which should also be fun.

And best of all . . . I've already written three brand-new pages today! Maybe I should always get up at 5.30 a.m.

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