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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Just call me Epicoene

I'm speechless. Literally.

My throat was feeling a bit weak yesterday, as a result of my cold, but I spoke pretty much as usual in my first two classes. My freshmen, however, were especially lifeless and recalcitrant, so I had to talk talk talk them through our text, hector them, and exhort them--and by the end of the class period my voice was hoarse. By the time I got on the train a half hour later, I could only croak. And as of this morning, I can't get any resonance from my throat at all.

I'm sure it won't last more than a day or two, but I'm wondering: would this justify my cancelling my classes tomorrow? There's nothing pressing happening in any of them, and although I could probably have a productive session with my morning survey by typing up instructions for group work and having the groups lead discussion, I'm less confident about my afternoon survey's ability to do the same--and I have NO faith in my freshmen. They're the ones who got me into this mess!

Please please please can I cancel my classes?

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Blogger Dr. Virago commented at 5:42 PM~  

I think that's as good an excuse as any! Go ahead - cancel!

Blogger What Now? commented at 10:14 PM~  

Yes, yes you may cancel your classes. Honestly, I lost my voice about a month ago and didn't cancel my classes but soldiered on through, and my voice has still not quite recovered. Ever since, on every MWF, when I have three classes, I'm coughing and losing my voice by the last one. It clearly would have been better to just cancel class and not speak for 48 hours.

Hope you feel better!

Blogger phd me commented at 10:35 PM~  

Um...let me think about it...hmmm...YES. Definitely cancel classes, staying home swatched in blankets while sipping from a steaming cup of Earl Grey with lemon.

Blogger Professor B commented at 10:52 PM~  

I've cancelled for far less. ;-)

Anonymous Anonymous commented at 12:28 AM~  

I suppose this means I shouldn't call you, eh? :)

Yeah, cancel. Sounds like a great plan. Students will appreciate an unexpected vacation, and it will give you a week to recover, which should be (hopefully) plenty.


Blogger La Lecturess commented at 12:42 AM~  

Okay! I did it. And I actually got some very sweet emails back from my students wishing me well and offering advice on home remedies.

I can now get just a bit of resonance in a low register on a couple of syllables at a time, so hopefully I'll be fit to teach on Friday--or at least guide group work more effectively.

Thanks for the support. . .

Anonymous Anonymous commented at 12:34 PM~  

couldn't have been all that football-related screaming two weeks ago, could it? :-)

feel better


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