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Late Spring To-Do List

  • Read scholarly book #1
  • Read scholarly book #2
  • Catch up on professional journals
  • Administer evaluations
  • Grade seminar research papers
  • Write two final exams
  • Grade final exams
  • Compute final grades
  • Order books for fall
  • Find apartment in New City
  • Attend INRU Commencement!

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Thursday, December 01, 2005

End-of-semester countdown

Hot damn! We're almost there. As of today, I have:
  • 3 class meetings left for my two surveys
  • 1 class meeting left for my comp class
  • About 60 total pages to read for my classes
  • 12 lit papers still to grade
  • 14 final paper conferences to hold
  • 14 writing portfolios to grade
  • 1 final exam to write (in two different versions)
  • 2 exams to administer, on two different days
  • 60 final exams to grade
  • 74 course grades to calculate
  • 5 more days of commuting this calendar year
The only problem with this otherwise rosy scenario is that all of this end-of-semester madness/gladness starts to get entangled with the job market: next week I'm schlepping to INRU for a mock MLA interview, and starting about that same time I'll be freaking out daily based upon who has called/not called for interviews. Said freaking out will continue through Christmas. Happy holidays, folks!

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Blogger Dr. Virago commented at 10:21 PM~  

Good luck on the market! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!

Blogger Bardiac commented at 10:59 AM~  

Indeed, good luck!

And congrats on being so close to done with the semester!

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