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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

First interview request

Yippee! I just got my first request for a job interview at the MLA. It's from a flagship state university in a region of the country that's relatively unfamiliar to me--but I've heard good things about both the university and the town itself (one of my best friends from grad school got his B.A. and M.A. from said university).

Weird thing: their interviewing/hiring committee is HUGE! Five faculty members and one grad student. However, only two of them are actually in my field (and their scholarly interests are dramatically different from mine), so hopefully that nightmare scenario wherein I get grilled about some major scholarly work that I've somehow never read--but that should be crucial to my research--won't actually come to pass.

I also think it says good things about their department that they include grad students in the process.

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Blogger academic coach commented at 4:41 PM~  


yipee and hopes for several more....

Blogger Wanna Be PhD commented at 4:50 PM~  


Blogger Bardiac commented at 5:05 PM~  


A sign of more to come, I hope!

Blogger phd me commented at 5:52 PM~  

Fantastic! Keep us posted!

Blogger Dr. Mon commented at 6:01 PM~  


Anonymous Anonymous commented at 7:12 PM~  

Great! How'd you first receive the news? Letter? email? phone? Good show!

Anonymous Anonymous commented at 9:59 PM~  

... smoke signals?

Congrats, very proud.

I had my one and only (and hellish) final today, so I'm done! Well, a few pages of writing for French by Thursday, and I'm done!

Can't wait to see you in a week and a half, big sis!


Blogger BrightStar commented at 10:27 PM~  


Blogger What Now? commented at 10:30 PM~  

Congrats! It's always a huge relief when you know that you're going to MLA for a good reason, isn't it? And the calling-for-interview season is only now getting underway; let's hope you get plenty more.

Anonymous New Kid on the Hallway commented at 11:00 PM~  

Congrats!! That's awesome!

(Can I just say that the phone interview I had with my last job was with at least four faculty and two undergrads?? It was kind of weird.)

Anonymous Anonymous commented at 10:39 AM~  

hoorah! Today, Flagship State University, tomorrow, the world!

go you


Blogger jo(e) commented at 8:43 AM~  


Anonymous Anonymous commented at 8:26 AM~  

yay! well done!

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